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Hello My name is Ralf Dietrich

Ralf As Professional

Sr. IT Manager & IT Director

1999 -

Leader with passion for creating improved business performance, change driver, team builder and business results achiever. Versatile and business oriented IT professional accustomed to working in an international environment. +20 years experience working in various areas of IT. Resilient team player, goal orientated with a high level of commitment with the ability to work under minimal supervision. Ability to communicate business benefits to all stake holders. Specialties: Agile methods (DevOps, DevSecOps, Scrum, Kanban), Transition Management (Change, Release, Config, Test), Process improvement, People Management, Vendor Management. Certified in DevOps, Scrum Master, Scrum PO, Prince2, ITIL and ISTQB. Inspired by the possibilities that technology gives us. Engages people. Creates value.


Owner and founder of ChangeIT Consulting

2022 -

At changeIT, we are a dedicated IT consultancy specializing in a wide range of transformative services. With a wealth of expertise, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital era. Whether you seek management coaching, a seamless Agile transition, strategic outsourcing solutions, or harnessing the power of Cloud, SaaS, Business Intelligence, Data Management, or Webservices, we have you covered. Embrace change and unlock your full IT potential with changeIT by your side. Beside of this, we are on a mission to transform lives in Africa, particularly in Uganda. On a pro bono and NGO-driven basis, we introduce modern IT principles, implement agile methodologies, provide management coaching, and design sustainable IT infrastructures. Join us in empowering Africa's future through the transformative power of technology.

Ralf In Private

Kite builder, Kite flyer and Kite ambassador

1987 -

In a world where the sky is the canvas and the wind is the brush, my passion for kites has soared all the times. Turning my childhood fascination into an awe-inspiring journey of creativity and achievement. From the early days of flying stunt kites to the enchanting world of single line kites, my heart was captured by the elegance and simplicity of these soaring marvels. With an insatiable curiosity and an innate love for the art, I ventured into the realm of kite building, giving wings to my imaginative designs. As the winds of time carried me forward, I came around in the kite community. I won national and international championships, travelled around the world, regularly conducted workshops and organised kite festivals. But my journey didn't stop there. Infatuated with the classical charm of single line kites, I delved into their rich history, tried to unlock the secrets of the past and bringing the timeless artistry to the modern world. Not content with merely building kites, I took to the written word, penning articles and books about kites. As time passed, print media began to wane, but this will not ground me. I embarked on a new venture - kite.builders, a vibrant kite news magazine. Through this digital platform, I try to curate a hub of kite enthusiasts, sharing stories, news, and innovations that flutters from every corner of the globe. Venturing even further, I launched a YouTube channel - Kite.builders YT. Here, I try to showcase mesmerising kite designs, hosting tutorials, and offer an intimate glimpse into the enchanting world of kite flying.


Sailor both on land and on the high seas

2012 -

The greatest passions that fills my heart and soul - being on the water. It all began back in 2012 when I first experienced the thrill of gliding across the waves on a speed boat. From that moment, I knew that my journey with the water had just begun. In 2019, a dream of mine finally came true - I became the proud owner of a beautiful sailboat. Since then, I've been drawn to the water like a magnet, trying to spend as much time as possible surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea. There's something magical about hoisting a white sail above me, with the blue sky as my backdrop, and feeling the gentle breeze caressing my face as I set sail. On the water, I find a sense of peace and serenity that is unparalleled. It's like experiencing a slice of heaven on earth. The gentle sound of the waves and the rhythmic sway of the boat create an atmosphere of tranquility and bliss. It's a feeling of pure freedom, as if the worries of the world are left behind on the shore. But my love for wind and movement doesn't stop at sea. On a side note, I also indulge in the fascinating sport of landyachting. The idea of moving ahead nearly without noise and being propelled by the sheer force of the wind is exhilarating. It's an invigorating experience to navigate the land with the power of nature as my ally. So, whether I'm sailing on the open waters or gliding across the land in a landyacht, I feel an indescribable connection with nature and the elements. The wind becomes my companion, and it's a dance of harmony and adventure that brings me immense joy.


Skipper of a DSRS rescue vessel

2018 -

A passion that ignites my soul and fills my heart with purpose is safety on the seas. In 2018, I took a leap of faith and began volunteering for the esteemed Danish Sea Rescue Society, and little did I know that this decision would set me on an extraordinary journey. As the years passed, my dedication and commitment to ensuring the safety of sailors and seafarers only grew stronger. In 2021, I proudly took on the role of skipper of a rescue vessel, responsible for leading missions and guiding my crew in challenging situations. Each time I set foot on that vessel, my heart beats with anticipation and determination. My mission is clear - to be out on the water as much as possible, ready to lend a helping hand and guide fellow sailors back to the secure harbor they call home. Safety on the seas is not just a responsibility; it's a calling that fires me up like nothing else. The sea, with its vastness and unpredictability, demands respect and vigilance. I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity to serve as a beacon of hope and security on the waters, and it is a privilege to be a part of an organization that shares my passion for safeguarding lives at sea.

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